Fresh Black Cup
We are united by a simple purpose of making exceptional coffee that fascinates you from the first sip and presenting it to as many people as possible. Indeed, everyone deserves a pleasure from a really good cup of coffee.
Fresh Black Coffee Center
Currently we are roasting over 50 tons of coffee per month. Our coffee center is the largest in Eastern Europe, and our coffee is brewed all over Ukraine: from the most popular coffee shops to exquisite restaurants and offices of international companies.
We have grown from a small coffee shop to a company that imports green coffee, has its own production facilities, a cafe, a barista school and a laboratory. We always remember how it all began, yet we make our future today and we have big plans.
Fresh Black Coffee School
We have the best team of coffee gurus - finalists and trainers of coffee championships who continue practicing in this field.
They know everything about coffee: from roasting to brewing. And they will teach this art to your baristas or choose the best proffesionals for your venue!
Moreover, coffee school consultants regularly visit partner venues to control the quality of the making and the taste of the brews. It is very important to us what kind of coffee each guest gets.
our COFFEE: basic line
Made for people who want to drink really good freshly roasted coffee. The line is limited to a small range of espresso and pour-over coffee and is created for those who are getting to know the whole taste palette of this beverage.
Basic line is understandable classy and honest coffee.
our COFFEE: specialty line
Created for connoisseurs looking for unusual tastes and impressions. The amount of this coffee varieties is very limited, and sometimes we bring to Ukraine the coffee that totals only 20 kg in the whole world!
Specialty line consists of really special, experimental, incredible coffee that we consider to be the best according to our expertise.
Victor Shramenko

Coffee expert, professional cup taster, coffee championships judge, member of Specialty Coffee Association and member of the SALЕ restaurant award jury.
Doesn't know that there is something impossible. Knows that a sip of truly good coffee can stop time — such a pleasure that the whole world will wait.

Ksenia Poltavets

10 years in sales and business development area.
After successfully managing HoReCa department, she went into her own business. Knows about the problems and needs of restaurant business from her own experience.

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