Deliver coffee and love

"I love you" may sound different. For example: "Put on your hat, it's cold there", or "Here's your favorite coffee". We want to deliver love and a special gift for people who are important to you. It can be a loved one, mom or dad, boyfriend or girlfriend, favorite colleague or neighbor downstairs.

How to become a Valentine:

  • Choose the coffee you want to give in our store
  • Indicate the text-wishes in the appropriate column when placing an order (we will write it by hand on a Valentine's card and put it in the order for free)
  • Enter the recipient's data in the "personal data" field, and your data in the comments to the order, so that we can inform you about the execution of the order
  • Order payment

We will contact the recipient and deliver the gift in person or by mail, indicating the sender, or a surprise: only with a postcard.

All orders placed on February 9 and 10 will be shipped the next business day, and those from February 10 to 13 - 14. So, take care and make an order by the 10th day inclusive, so that your special person receives a gift on time.

Go for a coffee!