Aeropress. Coffee at home in 1,5min

Making coffee in an Aeropress is the most mobile of the filter brewing methods using a manual coffee maker. That is why it is now so easy to enjoy coffee at home!

The preparation process is very easy, because it takes no more than a few minutes, and it is also interesting - due to a special device designed by the American engineer Alan Adler, consisting of a piston and a flask into which a filter is inserted. This brewing technique will definitely attract the attention of your friends and loved ones.

How does it work?

The principle of the syringe - water is pushed through the coffee by a piston. The full volume of the coffee maker contains 240 milliliters.

Thanks to the presence of a paper filter in the device, the coffee is clean and light, with a rich and dense taste.

So, the mechanics of the Aeropress:

  • connect two cylinders
  • pour coffee into one of them
  • fill it with water
  • close with a rubber filter holder
  • turn the device over
  • squeeze the coffee through a paper filter under pressure

⠀This method guarantees full disclosure of the taste and aroma of the grain.

How about a champion recipe for an alternative brewing method in the Aeropress?

The brewing option is upside down.

We will need 35g of coffee and a kitchen scale with a stopwatch.

From 0:00 to 0:15 min, pour 150 g of water heated to a temperature of 84°C.

From 0:15 to 0:35 min, we carefully stir the coffee with a spatula.

At 0:35, close the aeropress filter with a holder with a pre-soaked filter.

At 1:05 we turn the Aeropress over and start pressing it.

At 1:35 we finish pressing. At the output, we get 90 ml of concentrate.

Add 160-200 ml of hot water to the finished concentrate.

Enjoy your coffee!

Life hack: the aeropress is very easy to clean - remove the black cover, press the piston all the way and throw away the "coffee pack".