We make perfect coffee in the French press

Making coffee in a French press is very convenient and simple! In addition, the drink turns out to be very tasty and rich due to the fact that ground coffee is in contact with water for a long time.

Shall we try?

Step 1

Grind the coffee, coarsely. If you don't have a coffee grinder, grinding with an object at hand - for example, a rolling pin - is quite suitable.

We take the following amount of ground grain per 100 ml of water:
- if the grind is very large - 8g,
- if it was ground on a coffee grinder and it came out medium or a little more, then 6-7g.

Step 2

The lid with the piston of the French press must be removed and the ground coffee poured into an empty, dry flask.

Step 3

Pour hot water (note: the flask may have a microcrack or air bubble, so before pouring boiling water into the flask, insert a long spoon and pour water on it, not on the glass).

Step 4

Cover with a lid with a piston, but do not lower the piston! The lowered piston practically stops the brewing process, so it should be lowered:

- for very coarse grinding after 6-10 minutes,
- for medium grinding after 4 minutes,
- or do not lower it at all, because the piston in any position will help to filter particles of ground grain.

Step 5

Enjoy your drink! Be careful - the heat of this temperature can be dangerous!

This time we prepared HONDURAS ANA NATURAL monovariety in a French press. This coffee gives a sparkling acidity thanks to the sweet pineapple, the taste of which cannot be confused with anything else. Yellow mango notes are combined in a velvety coffee body with hints of kiwi. It's a real tropical symphony of flavor in your cup! You can order it with home delivery here