Cezve. Classic and authoring recipes

Jezva is the oldest way of making coffee. You've heard "oriental coffee" or "Turkish coffee" - well, it's all about making coffee the Turkish way, but in order to prepare such a drink you don't need to go to Turkey, and you don't even have to leave your home .

Preparation of traditional coffee in a dzhezva is valued for the brewing ritual and the ability to independently control all processes.

For those who already have beans and are ready to make coffee at home, we remind you of the recipe and share the brewing method from Cezve/Ibrik prize-winner Volodymyr Nevinchany.

A classic championship recipe

To prepare coffee in a jezva, we need:

- kitchen scales

- finely ground coffee

- jezva, corresponding to the volume of the portion

- chilled bottled water

- a stove for heating

- (not boiling water)

And now we carefully follow the recipe:

We use a recipe of 10 grams of ground coffee per 120 ml of water.

- grind the grain in the proportion of 10 g/120 ml

- fill with cold water (bottled or filtered)

- be sure to stir so that the lumps dissolve)

- put on a small fire - for 2 minutes

—after that, we stir the coffee with a spoon around the entire perimeter of the coffee pot to equalize the temperature and wait for the moment of inhalation (when the foam rises)

- the foam has risen, which means that it is time to remove the coffee from the stove and pour it into a cup in one movement!

Interesting and important:

If the cup into which we pour the coffee is cold, then the acidity will be more bright, if it is heated, the sweet taste will prevail.

Enjoy and delight your loved ones!

Author's recipe for immunity:

- Grain from Ethiopia, you can buy it on our website in the "Shop" section

- 10 ml of fresh grapefruit

- 10 g of candied viburnum

- 10 g of Gordon's Pink gin

We mix all this, pour in the jezva, prepared in advance, and enjoy!

The main thing is not to overheat the coffee, and therefore not to let it rise several times and not to leave it in the jezva itself, because it will not be a coffee cup at all.

Good health to everyone and delicious coffee at home!