Brewing coffee in the cup

The open Brazilian method of brewing coffee in a cup is one of our favorite and easiest ways to prepare coffee at home. And also one of the most correct. It is used during cuppings - professional coffee tastings to reveal the pure taste of the grain to the maximum.

We will share a simple brewing recipe from the trainer of our "Coffee at Home" and "Barista Basic" courses Volodymyr Nevinchany:

1) Take 12 grams of ground coffee beans per 200 ml of water. Grinding should be similar to sea salt or grains of sugar.

2) After the kettle boils, open its lid and let the water cool for 2-3 minutes.

3) Pour water over the coffee in a cup, and after 4 minutes, stir with a spoon movement away from you.

4) Collect the foam.

You can drink from 8 minutes.

How to decide on grain?

If you prefer classic coffee flavors - choose Colombia, Brazil and Honduras, if you want experiments and something more interesting - take floral and berry-fruity Ethiopia or Kenya.
Shall we try?