Coffee grinding: what kind of and how to choose for yourself

Let's talk about coffee grinding - which one exists and what to choose for your favorite preparation method!

SMALL (dust)

Extremely fine grinding is the best choice for brewing coffee in a Turk (jezvi).

This degree of grinding is considered a classic for Turkish coffee or oriental coffee, because a large amount of fraction is formed in a cup of coffee due to "dust" and such coffee becomes thicker. But classics are classics, and fusion and modern are always in fashion. Therefore, the statement about grinding "into dust" is not a constant: coarser and even "brew" grinding is perfectly made in dzhev.


A medium grind is required for preparation in a professional coffee maker. Here, in truth, everything is not simple: the small one will not be able to flow through the sieve of the portafilter of the coffee maker or, if it drips slowly, it will definitely burn and taste bitter; large - will not be boiled, but will literally be "washed". Therefore, you need to get to the "golden mean".

For home automatic coffee machines, everything is a little easier, because there is little to influence - they brew everything extremely averagely. Experiments are welcome in everything, and first of all in coffee making - so turn the grind, change the portion size.

LARGE (Brew)

To brew coffee in a cup, drip coffee maker, French press or other device, choose coarsely ground coffee. In this case, large grains of coffee will get stuck in the grid of the French press and the filters of the drip coffee machines, without getting into the cup - which is exactly what we need.

There are also a lot of subtleties here, but you can definitely ignore the fine grinding settings in places. For example, when brewing a funnel, due to the intensity of pouring, you can compensate for the coarseness of the grinding, and if it is fine, you can pour water into the funnel and, stirring carefully with a spatula, speed up the slow extraction.

Well, let's experiment, shall we?