Celebrating Fresh Black's birthday!

And instead of raising a glass of aged whiskey and celebrating our 12 years, we decided to post-ferment coffee on bourbon.

We don't need gifts this year because we want to help those in need. That is why we are launching a project to support Kateryna Terekhova and her volunteer organization HELP IN MUKACHEVO

It is important for us to support our native Ukrainians and volunteers.

Fresh Black has already donated more than UAH 600,000, and we are ready to donate even more! Therefore, we are opening a pre-order for a limited amount of BOURBON POST-FERMENTED coffee, 100% of the proceeds from the sale of which we will donate to aid.

BOURBON POST-FERMENTED - the result of an experiment with the method of post-processing of grain: coffee is fermented in whiskey, while remaining non-alcoholic! Under the influence of high temperatures, all alcohol evaporates, and the taste and aroma of whiskey remain.

About About Kateryna Terekhova and her volunteer activity:

Kateryna Terekhova is a forced migrant and a volunteer. She is from Donetsk, and since 2014 she hasn’t been able to travel to her hometown due to her pro-Ukrainian position.

Since the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Katya moved to Transcarpathia, and there her volunteer activity reached a new level.

How it all began:

On March 8, Katya moved to Mukachevo, and on the 9th, she rented a warehouse. And on the 10th, she created her headquarters "Help in Mukachevo", which consists of her friends, mother and local volunteers. Already on the night of March 11, they received the first parcel to be given to the displaced persons. Since that day, more than 500 families of forced migrants have received assistance from the warehouse.

Today Catherine's Foundation takes care of:
● a shelter for 68 orphans from the city of Dnipro,
● boarding school near Vinnytsia in which there are 104 children with mental retardation
● about 630 families of immigrants who are located in the homes of residents in
our region and those who are placed in rural and urban shelters
● a shelter for children and people with disabilities in Mukachevo, which accommodates
108 people
● built their shelter for families of immigrants with children and elderly people for 60 people
● we also help with products for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and shelters with animals

The main goal now is to be able to continue providing assistance to families of displaced persons, these are 500 families who come to the Katya`s warehouse for food.Anyone can join us and help raise this amount faster. There are two ways:

Helping together is easier!

don`t stay away!