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Drip coffee KVIT DRIP

299 UAH

Coffee inside, 5x12g drip coffee bags:

1. China Kong
2. Indonesia Asman Arianto Natural
3. Ethiopia Guji Gubata
4. Burundi Butegana
5. Kenya Kirinyaga

Imagine you're laying on a lush lawn, close your eyes briefly, and all of a sudden you're surrounded by poppies, petunias, marigolds, bushes laden with ripe, pleasantly tart berries and the rustling leaves of apple and pear trees.

That's the essence of Kvit Drip - a Fresh Black drip coffee inspired by nature, its rejuvenation, and the profound effect it has on us.

What about the flavors?

Every drip here represents a distinct journey, each one charming you uniquely.

Let us present you each adventure:

China KongQue

It's as if you're observing a cat quarrel through the window and suddenly find yourself in a wild jungle, where pears bloom, the aroma of green tea floats in the air, and the sun's rays gently hold yellow lemons.

Indonesia Asman Arianto Natural

It's as if you're doing yoga in the morning, imagining yourself as a white bird gracefully circling the sweetly scented petunia bushes. When weariness sets in, you pause and find reprieve, savoring the crimson cranberries.

Ethiopia Guji Gubata

It's as if you're traversing a planet where grapes hang so low they kiss the ground, and wild strawberries stretch so high they greet the sun.

Burundi Butegana

It's as if you and your friends are assisting bees in gathering nectar from meadow flowers. A hint of thyme, alfalfa, and dandelion awakens your appetite, and luckily, you have pears for a satisfying snack.

Kenya Kirinyaga

It's as if you and your friend, grapefruit, embark on a journey to the forest to pick some green apples, nearly losing your way amid the dense bushes of viburnum. But together, you navigate out of the thicket, find the apples, and collect a bouquet of flowers.

Yet, with this coffee, another adventure awaits. Each Kvit Drip box includes a special postcard that, when planted, will sprout flowers.

Learn more about this remarkable postcard and the Kvit Drip on this page.

Shipping options
  1. SELF-DELIVERY (Free) Pickup from Fresh Black Coffee Center. Carried out from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 15.00 on weekdays at Bilomorska1a street. Orders are issued at the Black Cafe bar. Orders are not shipped day by day. Orders are shipped the next day after payment.
  2. Courier delivery by Nova Poshta (100 UAH) Address delivery is carried out by Nova Poshta courier Orders placed from Monday to Thursday are shipped the next day and placed on Friday-Sunday - on Monday. Delivery for subscription always free *
  3. AT THE "NOVA POSHTA" OFFICE IN UKRAINE (according to mail tariffs) Delivery to the post office is carried out at the rates of Nova Poshta. Free delivery from 1000 UA. Address delivery by Nova Poshta courier - according to the tariffs of the state of Nova Poshta service. Delivery for subscription always free *
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